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  • WPW video V762 features three great Female Bodybuilders; Jody Wald, Janet Kaufman and Lilli Ewing!

    This was WPWs first session with Jody wald, and the 2010 Canadian Women's Bodybuilding Champ, now an IFBB Pro, hits the shots in a bikini and shorts/halter outfit. Standing 5'1" tall and weighing 140 pounds in contest shape, she was obviously packed with tons of rock hard defined muscle! Jody's upper body is impressive and she shows it off in this video as her entire physique is truly amazing!

    This video also includes two more female bodybuilders, Janet Kaufman and Lilli Ewing. All this work was done with Jody, Janet an Lilli at their competitions in 2010 and they are all in ripped contest shape.

    The WPW staff had done work with Janet Kaufman before, which is on WPW video V706, but since then she really packed on some more muscle and definition! Both her upper and lower body are ripped, which allowed her to turn pro after winning her class at the 2010 NPC Nationals. Janet shows off, posing in a bikini, two dress outfits and a brief interview is also included. Janet's physique was topped off by her beautiful blonde hair, making for a truly beautiful combination of muscularity and beauty!

    Also on this video is Lilli Eweing. This was WPWs only photo/video session, although the Ray Martin Company shot a video with her, which is on RV036. After years of not competing, she appeared on the bodybuilding scene again briefly around 2010 and was in very lean contest shape and her arms were particularly impressive. Lilli poses in a bikini and two dresses.

  • V762 video running time is 71 minutes. Visit : www.WPWMuscle.com to purchas this video.

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