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  • Female Bodybuilder Janice Ragain competed from the early 1980s through the early 1990s and WPW had many photo/video sessions with her. The early Super 8 video material that WPW shot with her on film is on our shelf somewhere, but WPW started shooting high quality video with Janice around 1990, and this video has the full 1990, 1991 and 1992 sessions with Janice, which was towards the end of her career but Janice still looked amazing and was in unreal shape.

    Many fans and others consider Janice one of the most appealing of all the women competing at that time. Standing 5'3" and weighing 140 pounds, Janice had the muscularity, the shape and symetry, and the definition (known best for her terrific arms), topped off by incredible facial beauty and her beautiful brown hair.

    If you're a fan of the WPW "Cinamon Dress", you will want this video as Janice lifts weights and pumps up in the dress. After working out in the dress, Janice hits the shots, posing and flexeing her bulging muscles, stretching the dress tight over her muscular physique. Then later on, Janice goes for a dip in the hot tub while wearing the dress and proceeds to flex and pose some more with the dress soaked from her dip in the tub! Many fans say that no Female Bodybuilder ever looked better in that dress than Janice! And we agree!

  • V177 video running time is 165 minutes. Visit : www.WPWMuscle.com to purchas this video.

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