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WPW-667 Preview - Female Bodybuilder Heather Armbrust
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  • Heather Armbrust (Policky) began weight training in 1998 as she tells WPW during her interview. She came a long way fast, and became one of the most impressive female bodybuilders in the world during the 2000's, eventually competing as a top level IFBB Pro. Heather placed 5th at the 2002 NPC National Championships when WPW filmed this footage with her. Standing 5'7" tall and weighing 160 pounds, Heather was in amazing condition! At only 25 years of age during this filming, her physique was unreal! Biceps measuring nearly 17" and thighs stretching the tape measure to over 25"! WPW also shot with Heather at the 2002 NPC USA Championships, where she placed 5th in the Heavyweight Class, and for both video sessions she hit the shots, flexing her unbelieveable physique, in both bikinis and dresses. An interview with Heather is also included. PLEASE NOTE: the entire WPW-512 video is now included on WPW-667, which includes Claire O'Connell (Rohrbacker). If you order WPW-512, you will receive WPW-667.

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