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WPW-620 Preview - Female Bodybuilder Emery Miller
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  • Emery Miller won her class at the 2004 NpC National Championships, quite an accomplishment for any woman, but it's especially impressive considering Emery was morbidly obese just a few years earlier! At age 40 when this video was filmed, Emery's physique is quite impressive, she has terrific muscle size and definition, with beautiful blonde good looks! Emery's legs are very well developed and defined, but a special nod goes to her very dense and defined muscular upper body, her triceps, biceps, back and chest are very impressive! Since Emery resides in California, WPW's west coast Crew, led by Tony Duffy did this work with her. This is probably Tony's best video effort to date, perfect lighting and lots of full length and close up posing with Emery, including dress outfits, bikinis, and an awesome workout, where Emery cranks it out with lots of reps in the gym, getting her muscles really pumped up! Emery's first competition was in 2001, so to become an IFBB pro so quickly is quite an impressive feat! Video running time is 1-½ hours.

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