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WPW-667 Preview - Female Bodybuilder Claire O'Connell
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  • Female Bodybuilder Claire O'Connell (Rohrbacker) has been training with weights since she was about 15 years old and WPW published photos of her about 20 years ago in their WPW Magazine. She has been competing in local and regional contests in California over the years, and at age 38 she will be preparing for her first national show in 2006. She was a spectator at the 2006 Arnold Classic when this photo/video session was done, and the 4'11" 130 pounder was in near contest shape, as she never strays much from her contest shape. WPW was unable to do gymwork with her at this time, but WPW did not want to pass up doing some posing work with her. WPW has her hitting the shots in three different outfits and a brief interview. Claire (known as Claire Bullis when younger) is in nice shape and shows off a tight physique with quite impressive muscle size (particularly upper body) for a 4'11" tall woman! This footage runs about 40 minutes, so to fill out this video release, WPW have added WPW-512 of Heather Armbrust (Policky), featuring an hour of her hitting the shots in four outfits and an interview. Video/DVD runs 100 minutes.

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