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WPW-635 Preview - Female Bodybuilder Anne Sheehan
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  • This was WPW's third full photo/video session with Female Bodybuilder Anne Sheehan, and the second one in her awesome off-season shape at 5'3" and 175 pounds! Anne placed in the top 5 at both the 2004 NPC Jr. Nationals and the NPC USA Championships, but for this video, Anne was in her very big and strong off-season shape. The gym work is impressive, featuring a 285 benchpress for reps and 400 pound shrugs for 10 reps, among other lifts. After the gym, Anne poses, striking all the bodybuilding shots in a thong leotard and two dress items, showing off a very muscular and powerful physique, including 16" biceps and 26" thighs, with surprising hardness for that weight. Video running time is 80 minutes.

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